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The Best Deal on Great Cigars!

by Aaron on Friday, May 27, 2016 1:06 AM
Alec Bradley 12 Cigar SamplerAs someone who loves a good cigar, but doesn't want to spend $15+ a stick, I'm always looking for a way to smoke great cigars for less than $4 a piece. In searching all over the internet, this is by far the best value I've seen! Thompson Cigar has 2 separate Alec Bradley sampler packs that will get you an assortment without breaking the bank. 

My favorite is the Alec Bradley Limited Edition Sampler. The reason I like this one is because my favorite cigar of the bunch is the Black Market. In the Limited Edition Sampler you get 2 of each! In my opinion there isn't a bad cigar in the bunch, so they're a perfect way to fill your humidor, or to buy a pack and share with your buddies. Also, they go fantastic with Scotch! 
Alec Bradley Limited Edition 12 Cigar Sampler
However, if you just want to try a wide variety, the Alec Bradley 12 Cigar Sampler gives you 12 different cigars so you can find your own favorite. Either way, you can't lose!

Now, here's where the great deal comes into place. If you're buying them now, they have my favorite sale of the year going on. This is how it works:

Only $39 including shipping with promo code VIP10

or I just bought this one too so I could have 12 different cigars

$54 including Shipping with VIP10

If you buy both you can use VIP20 and it's $84 with shipping. That's what I did last time to fill all 3 of my humidors and it's 24 cigars at $3.50 per stick. I assure you these are REALLY good cigars at Swisher Sweet prices! 

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